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Coriander Coriandrum sativum is a vegetable with the scientific name. Native to South West Asia and North Africa and reaches a height of up to half a meter. Approximately 65% ​​of the country's most productive coriander skinheads in the city of Hamadan province and the rest in cities like Eghlid and is harvested and dried on the market. Iran coriander leaves and stems are used as edible vegetables. Coriander root in cooking, especially cooking Thailand used. It is used to reduce anxiety and sleeplessness. This plant is a diuretic effect in humans, decreased blood pressure, kidney stones and bladder disposal, eliminating water retention in the tissues (edema) is. Hippocrates knew the plant and has been used to treat various diseases from it. In the Middle Ages impotence was treated with coriander. Doctors long believed that the seeds of spread of disease is prevented, hence people with smallpox ordered coriander water around the eyes Bmalnd to smallpox infection does not spread to the eyes. Coriander and a one-year herbaceous plant, whose height and 80 centimeters green also. Its leaves come in two forms. Those are stem at the base of the rack and the other during the shoot, which is thin and stringy. Part of the plant, stems, leaves and fruit of it. Fruits coriander powder and yellow. It was not the smell of fresh air and almost funky, but the drying effect of the odor is gone and fragrant.

Coriander honey, the healing properties of honey coriander

Fragrant, nourishing, appetizing, nourishing the stomach, relieve indigestion, windbreaker, smooth chest, useful for fever, useful for infectious diseases such as measles Vablh, useful for cough and cold corrosion, quiet housing section, detoxifies the body, sleep Apr, useful for cold and muscle spasms, increased milk, useful for rheumatic fever, useful for RAS, strengthen gums, shortness of breath, housing bile, anti-cancer, refreshing, nourishing the heart and brain, sperm, bowel disorders and memory. [/ size]
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خواص عسل سياه دانهخواص غذایی و درمانی عسلخواص عسل گشنیزخواص درمانی زهر زنبور عسلژل رویال و خواص آن
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